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Physical Therapy

Fullerton Occupational Medicine and Immediate Care understands work injuries result in decreased worker productivity and can be costly, time consuming and frustrating to the employee or the employer if not handled properly. Working closely with physicians, employers, case managers and insurance companies, Fullerton Occupational Medicine and Immediate Care is committed to optimal case management to allow injured workers a quick and safe return to work. Utilizing the experience and skills of our highly trained therapists and ergonomic specialists, we are able to offer a full line of rehabilitation services to achieve optimal patient outcomes and return injured workers back to their jobs safely and as quickly as possible.

Fullerton Occupational Medicine and Immediate Care offers a variety of rehabilitation services designed to prevent or manage work related injuries in order to control and better manage workers' compensation spending and achieve safer outcomes for the injured worker.

As much as possible, our mission is to return every injured worker back to the job in an efficient and safe manner. You should expect to find the following when working with Fullerton Occupational Medicine and Immediate Care:

State-of-the-art fully equipped facilities for rehabilitation

Weekly/Biweekly progress notes on all work conditioning clientele

Constant communication with case managers, referring physicians, and employers

Full day, research-based, and legally defensible Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

Completed FCE report within 24-48 hours of testing